A First Time Visit at Abundant Performance Chiropractic


My name is Aryn and I’m an intern with Abundant Performance here in Northwest Arkansas. Today I want to talk to someone who has never been to our office!

Many people have never stepped foot in a chiropractic office because of one reason: Fear.

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Perhaps they heard about someone else’s bad experience with an NWA chiropractor. Or maybe they are afraid to try something they’ve never done before.

Some are probably afraid they will get trapped into paying crazy amounts of money for treatment. Or worse, maybe they did try, but they didn’t like it or they didn’t get the help they needed or they overpaid!

No matter your story, we want to help you discover that a good chiropractor will make you feel safe, give you the help you need, and do it at an affordable rate.

If you're not sure how to evaluate whether a chiropractor is safe, see a recent blog by Dr. Scott HERE. 

If you’ve never been to a Chiropractor before, I want to paint a realistic picture of what you can expect and reassure you that not all doctors are expensive or bad. Just because someone else had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that you will!

Dr. Scott is unlike most chiropractors and his clinic taught me a lot!  Come with me on my journey as a first time patient with Dr. Scott Van Wilpe at Abundant Performance!

What is Abundant Performance like?

When you first walk into Abundant Performance, the words that come to my mind are: Homey. Welcoming. Openness. And privacy if needed.

As soon as you walk into the building, you will have a sweet welcome from the front desk and meet the receptionist Cherene. She will give you an overview on how things are conducted and help you feel at home.

Based on my first impression when walking in, the staff and the office come across as a very well put together Chiropractic practice. The only negative is that their office is slightly tucked away from sight from the street, but it’s not difficult to find!

What are the steps to becoming a patient?

Becoming a patient requires a few easy steps:

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1. You are given the option to fill out a portion of the paperwork before coming.

  • This paperwork is located on the website HERE. 

2. You will get a short tour of their office.

3. You will meet Dr. Scott for your first evaluation.

  • Dr. Scott gave me a brief spine and posture evaluation. This was absolutely FREE on my first visit! He also went over my personal pains and concerns.

  • Dr. Scott took the time to explain how the body and spine work together and how important it is to have balance in the spine because of how much it impacts your entire body.

4. There is a second evaluation where you are tested in your reflexes and x-rays are taken.

  • Not every chiropractor takes x-rays so that was interesting to see.

5. After the first day you have to set up an appointment to go over your x-ray results.

6. When you come for your follow up appointment, Dr. Scott will go over your x-ray results in detail.

  • He explains to you the x-rays and what is shown.

  • This was interesting to me because I learned many things about myself that I didn't even know was a problem!

  • It also made some things clear on why my body performs the way it does.

The Bigger Picture

There is an ABUNDANT amount of great information given to you as a first time patient and it is extremely satisfying to learn.

My first impression of Abundant Performance was very amazing. Dr. Van Wilpe explained everything in detail and in a way I could easily understand. I also liked how he shared from a holistic approach that also included a spiritual background. This was satisfying to me because of my spiritual beliefs.

Dr. Van Wilpe explained that there is a bigger picture than going to the chiropractor. You come to a chiropractor to receive treatment for your physical needs, but in receiving treatment there will also be guidance for emotional, chemical, and spiritual needs. This makes me think of Dr. Scott as more than just a chiropractor, but also as a health coach.

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Evaluating on every level of Chiropractic treatment

EMOTIONAL: you will feel like a different person with everything working correctly and just having a relationship with the staff.

CHEMICAL and PHYSICAL: through chiropractic adjustments, your brain energy will communicate better with your organs, your cells and organs will work in balance together, and this will balance your body’s energy and chemistry. Optimal spine = Optimal Health  

SPIRITUAL: you will know that God is here to help you in life and your body will perform like he made it.

Following Up

The next day for my follow up, I received my results from my x-rays. Dr. Scott then presented me with a practical plan on how I could live a better life. He gave me an option to peruse the treatment here or not. That was pleasing to hear because I did not feel pressured or forced to pursue treatments with him.

I decided to receive treatment, which lead to my first adjustment that day. Many people might be afraid to receive an adjustment, but Dr. Van Wilpe made me feel very comfortable and did not do anything that was uncomfortable for me. While giving an adjustment, he gives you an explanation on what he is adjusting and the reasons why it is important.

I learned so much from Dr. Van Wilpe. He taught me about how the body works and how you could be having problems with your body system because your musculoskeletal system even if you do not have symptoms. He also explained how everyone is different and everyone will not obtain the same results or problems as each other.

Get back pain relief and healing in Rogers

If you are having pain in your back, neck, shoulders or body, I encourage you to receive treatment from Dr. Van Wilpe.

Unlike some chiropractors Dr. Van Wilpe develops a relationship with you, communicates with you, and helps you receive the proper back treatment customized for you. I would definitely recommend receiving treatment at Abundant Performance with Cherene and Dr. Van Wilpe.

To schedule an appointment at their Rogers Chiropractic office, you can call 479-636-5393 or fill out the form by clicking HERE.