How to Tell a Good Chiropractor From a Bad Chiropractor


If you've been to a great doctor, then you can appreciate when you've received amazing bedside manner, excellent treatment, care and compassion, good communication and their ability to help you heal. 

A great doctor or chiropractor, will make you feel valued and give you the attention that you need while you're in their office. 

Not everyone has experienced this kind of positive treatment, however. 

Sadly, many people may go to the same doctor for many years without really evaluating their level of service or care. Some people may also never try another doctor again after having a bad experience. Some may never try a doctor or chiropractor at all because of fear from getting hurt! 

If you've been hurt or maybe you have apprehension, read below for some easy tips on how you can tell the difference between a good chiropractor and a bad one! 

1. A good chiropractor will always do a thorough assessment of your health and body. 

A chiropractor, or any doctor for that matter, should never proceed to give you treatment until they have given you a health assessment.

A good chiropractor take the time to ask about your health history, take x-rays, perform light testing, and observe your body for signs of injury or pain. A BAD chiropractor will rush through or even skip the examination process just to get you adjusted and then scheduled for your next appointment.  

2. A good chiropractor will give you a clear strategy on how they can help you

After you've received your initial health assessment, it is important that you are given a plan of action on what treatments you may need to get healthy.

A good chiropractor will explain reasons why they suggest certain therapies or treatments and give you a timetable on your treatments. A good chiropractor may also teach you basic theory on how their treatments can benefit you. A bad chiropractor will just tell you to trust them and will not give you a clear understanding of why they are suggesting certain treatments. NEVER TRUST A CHIROPRACTOR THAT DOESN'T EXPLAIN THEMSELVES! 

3. A good chiropractor will be sensitive to your pain and needs

After you've received a treatment plan, the next step is to receive treatments, therapies and adjustments. 


A good chiropractor will be slow to work their way into treatments and will ask you consistently about your feelings and pain levels throughout the treatment process. A good chiropractor will understand that PAIN is the body's sign of injury and that something is wrong. A bad chiropractor will jump into treatment and will not take the time to ask or listen to your pain levels. 

4. A good chiropractor will not settle for "pain-free" 

A realistic expectation for chiropractic treatment is to receive adjustments over a period of a few weeks or even a few months. 

A good chiropractor will not stop treatment just because you're without pain, but will work to further your health past the point of when you came in to get treatments. A good chiropractor will work to restore your body to the healthiest position possible and will work to improve your body's strength for further injury prevention without rushing the process. A bad chiropractor will only treat you for a limited time and will only be interested in getting you back to where you were before and in and out of their office as quickly as possible. 

5. A good chiropractor will use multiple treatments to empower you

A combination of different treatments can help your body heal more efficiently.

A good chiropractor will encourage you to take a holistic approach through diet, exercise, posture, and stretching. A good chiropractor may suggest acupuncture, laser therapy, ice and heat therapy, or other methods. A good chiropractor will also teach and give you exercises for your own self-care and to a place of health where you are not dependent on their services constantly. A bad chiropractor will use the same treatments over and over again and will require you to see them for their services multiple times a week for more than just a few months. 

6. A good chiropractor will get to know you personally and make you comfortable

Seeing any doctor can be a vulnerable process of letting someone else in to your life. 

A good chiropractor will take the time to get to know you and make you feel comfortable throughout the process. Because the body is so attached to the mind and soul, a good chiropractor may also ask you questions about your emotions and help you reset your thoughts and attitude. A bad chiropractor will not show empathy and will not make a personal connection with you. 

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