True Cellular Detox Workshop

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Too many people walk around suffering from the effects of toxins in their body.

If you’ve experienced brain fog, trouble with memory, low metabolism or energy, hormone imbalance, or unwanted weight gain, this could be because of toxins in your body. 

In this workshop, we will introduce you to TrueCellularDetox, one of the fastest growing detoxing systems in the world that works to rid the body of harmful toxins and helps the body to stimulate new, healthy cell growth.

By attending this workshop, you will be given a plan to help heal your body's chemistry, organs, immune system, and nerve system so that they can function at their peak performance. 


After this workshop you will:

  • Understand the concepts of Detoxing harmful toxins in your body.

  • You will be equipped to take proactive measures for healing your body.

  • You will be given a special opportunity to purchase TrueCellularDetox testing!

    We provide three tests:

  • 1) A urine test for levels of cellular inflammation. 

  • 2) A vision test, VCS, that test for hypoxia in the brain, vitamin absorption, bio-toxins and heavy metal toxins.

  • 3) A neurotoxic questionnaire that rates their symptoms and present state of toxicity.



WHAT THIS IS: This is a FREE health workshop to learn some practical advice on how you can Detox your body and TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH

WHEN IS IT: Thursday, Nov. 8th from 5:30-6:30pm

WHERE IS IT: At our office, 2870 W Walnut St #3, Rogers, AR 72756

RSVP: To let us know if you will be attending by calling our office or by simply filling out the form below! (Space is limited!)


Hear what others have said:

“Dr. Scott is wonderful and truly cares about his patients and their health.”

- Aronica


“I suffered for more than 25 years with pain in my back, ribs and sternum. I tried everything and learned to live with the pain. In less than 2 months of treatment with Dr. Scott, I can move my neck freely, muscle tension is almost gone, and my headaches are fewer.”

- Lynn


“When I started corrective care, I felt constant pain and an overall lethargic attitude about my body. After continuous treatment with Dr. Scott, I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in years!”

- Margie

We look forward to seeing you! 

- Dr. Scott Van Wilpe


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