The Importance of TrueCellularDetox ™

Toxins are everywhere.

Many people do not realize that their body is exposed to many toxins every single day. Toxins are in the air, in our water, in the foods we eat, and even in things we use such as body care products or clothes. Our bodies soak it all up and eventually, it takes a toll on us. These toxins, virtually invisible, are evidenced in the physical over time.

How toxins affect our bodies.

So how do these toxins affect us?

Think of your body as a bucket or a small container. Then think of the toxins in our daily life as small rocks that begin to fill up our container. With each toxic exposure, the more our container fills up and the more our body will feel the weight. As our container fills with toxins, it will eventually trigger cellular inflammation where severe symptoms arise and disease manifests.

As these toxins are built up over time, it begins to limit the body’s ability to heal itself and fight off illness or injury. The toxins can weaken our immune system and leave our bodies more susceptible to health problems. Our body’s ability to heal itself is slowed because the cells are held down by the toxins. Over time this build-up of toxins can prove to be extremely dangerous to the body.



What are these toxins?

There are several kinds of toxins that can be harmful to the human body. The most common are:

  1. Metals. Whether it is paint, lipstick, antiperspirant, gasoline, lead, mercury or some other kind of metal, these substances can be picked up by our body slowly over years of exposure. Most medical practitioners agree that these heavy metals are at the root of many illnesses.   

  2. Mold. Biotoxins from toxic mold are dangerous and can ruin lives through affecting the respiratory system and other key organs in the body.

  3. Hidden Infections. Lyme disease, anaerobic bacteria, and other infections are difficult to detect and difficult to get rid of. These infections can often slowly work their way into your bloodstream and cause immune issues.

Symptoms of these toxins.

As cellular inflammation is triggered, symptoms may arise and disease can occur. We can feel the influence of these toxins and cellular inflammation in multiple ways:

  • Digestive problems

  • Weight loss resistance

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Dizziness

  • Low stress tolerance

  • Muscle or joint pain

  • Temperature dysregulation

  • Depression or emotional mood swings

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Fatigue

  • Hormone Dysregulation

  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Slow recovery from sickness


What is True Cellular Detox ™ and why is it important?

TrueCellularDetox™ (TCD) is a process of improving cellular function and restoring the human body so that it can properly heal itself when it faces toxins such as metals, mold, other biotoxins and infections. TCD ™ also helps to remove the toxins at the source and repair the cellular pathways for cellular reproduction. TCD ™ is also designed to repair the natural detox pathways of the cell upstream while protecting the downstream detox pathways such as the lymph, liver, kidneys, and gut. By repairing the cells, the body is much quicker to heal, maintain energy, and allow for full performance.

TrueCellularDetox ™ is not just a...

TCD ™ is more than just a simple colon cleanse, foot bath, juice fast, coffee enema, or a herbal cleanse. Although these strategies can help and do work, they typically can stir up the toxins as they attempt to remove them and thereby allow them to cross back into the body.

How does TrueCellularDetox ™ work?

TCD ™ has a 5 step process. This process is often referred to as the 5 R’s.

  1. Remove the source of toxicity. By removing toxins, the body will heal itself and support the regeneration of the cellular membrane by adding essential fats to the diet.

  2. Regenerate the cell membrane. Once the cell is detoxified, it can begin to be restored, hormones will rebalance and ATP will increase. ATP, is often referred to as the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer.

  3. Restore Cellular Energy. By increasing cellular energy, the body will heal faster. Cellular energy is the gasoline of the cell and without proper energy, the body will not function. By restoring energy back to the cell this will also improve cellular function with mitochondrial biogenesis and decrease chronic inflammation.

  4. Reduce cellular inflammation. By dropping sugars (including grains) and bad fats from your diet this can decreasing chronic inflammation that can lead to fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, and hormone conditions.

  5. Re-establish Methylation. Removing emotional and environmental toxins and re-establishing methylation will support and control epigenetic gene regulation and disease prevention.

Typically, TCD ™ will take a few months to occur. There is a 1-2 month prep detox phase, followed by a body detox phase that typically lasts 1 month, and finally, a brain detox phase that lasts 1-3 months. In total, TCD ™ is a 3-6 month process that can repair many years worth of toxic damage on the body.

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How do I know that I might need TrueCellularDetox ™?

Are you putting on weight, even while changing your diet and your exercising?

Are you noticing that it takes you longer to overcome a simple cold or cough?

Do you notice your energy levels decreasing quickly throughout the day?

Do you have trouble sleeping throughout the night?

Do you have trouble focusing and maintaining your train of thought?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you may need to talk to a medical professional and spend a period of time under the TrueCellularDetox ™ treatment. TCD ™ will help you get back to the path of health and can make a world of difference.

Get TrueCellularDetox ™ treatment.

To begin your process of detoxification, give the Abundant Performance clinic in Rogers a call at 479-636-5322. Dr. Van Wilpe and his staff have served Northwest Arkansas with chiropractic for almost 30 years and would be glad to assist you in your health journey.

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